Sources of Gaseous Contaminants

  1.   Industry emissions

  2.   Cleanroom chemicals

  3.   Hydrogen sulfide

  4.   Sulfur dioxide

  5.   Chlorine

  6.   Ammonia

  7.   Ozone

  8.   Smoke

  9.   Formaldehyde



SAAF Solutions

Addressing the gas-phase market with a highly innovative and advanced product offering, AAF International has assumed an industry leading position with the development of its innovative SAAF product line designed to reduce or eliminate harmful gaseous contaminants.

Gas-phase filters are an integral part of any HVAC system, are to be governed by the physics of air, and need to be designed with a systems approach in mind. In combination with our expertise in airborne particulate filtration, SAAF products allow us to develop unique and effective total filtration solutions to protect people, processes, and equipment.

No other company offers this combination of experience, expertise, innovation, and capability to combat airborne contaminants, particulate and/or gaseous, and deliver the clean air you require.

What is Gas-Phase Filtration

Gas-Phase filtration is the removal
of gaseous contaminants from the
airstream using gas-phase media
or chemical media. Particulate
filtration is not effective in removing
gaseous contaminants.

Gaseous contaminants occur at
the molecular level. Gaseous
contaminants can cause air quality
related problems in humans, processes,
and artifacts, failures in electronic process
controls due to corrosion, and odor problems.

Where Gas-Phase
Filtration is Used

  1. Airports

  2. Animal Research Facilities

  3. Art Galleries & Museums

  4. Data Centers

  5. Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

  6. Hotels

  7. Fertilizer Manufacturing

  8. Power Plants

  9. Petrochemical refining

  10. Pharmaceutical

  11. Pulp & Paper Mills

  12. Wastewater Treatment Plants

  13. And more...


Gas Filter Media Cassettes

Deep Bed System

Final Filter

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